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Web Design
Logo Design
Motion Graphic Design 
Graphic Design
 Creative Direction
Project Management
 Marketing Plans
 Marketing Management 
Social Media Marketing 
Product Development
. Legaci Twenty-One Event Management and PR services are currently limited to Las Vegas and Chicago clients only). For event management services in other areas of the U.S please contact Roger Romero at 702.622.4095. All Event and PR service clients should have a minimum budget of 2K to start.

Event Management
 Club Themed Nights
 Promotional Events
 Brand Launches
 Press Events
 Celebratory Parties 

 PR Services
Press Release
 Press Event 
Story Pitching (Local & National Television, Radio, Newspapers)
 Public Relations
 CampaignStakeholder Outreach (City, County, State)
 Media Training (Interviews & Speeches) 
Media Buying
 Media Crisis Management
Our pricing is pretty simple and it's custom! Every business, every design, every strategic approach is different and should be treated as such. Schedule a call or a meeting with us so we can learn more about your project and your goals. We won't beat around the bush and we'll provide you a quote right away to help you determine when you can start. If necessary we'll even put you on a payment plan. To help you decide if you'd like to work with us we've provided an overview of the suggested budget you should start off with to get your project going and to receive the foundational items normally needed to begin promoting a brand... 


A simple overview: We believe businesses with little capital can have longterm success by executing the right strategy. Legaci Twenty-One exists to inspire and support inexperienced and emerging leaders as they take on the first steps in the journey of starting and growing a business. We do this by providing strategic marketing plans and supporting design services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can specifically assist you.


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Legaci Twenty-One is a creative design & marketing agency that specializes in design, innovative marketing, and business resources. A unique agency focused on modern-day entrepreneurs and small business owners that desire to market, promote, grow their business, and increase revenue through brand development and positioning. Legaci21 services include:Marketing & Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Logo Design, Motion Graphic Design, Graphic Design, Printing, PR, Consulting, Creative Direction, Event Management (Currently Available to Las Vegas and Chicago clients only), Social Media Marketing, and Product Development.

One Sound Group our Sister Agency curates a culture of meaningful life experiences. We aim to consistently promote unity, diversity, and excellence by creating special moments through exceptional events, innovative marketing, brand development, management services along event production services. Live your best life… #WEAREONESOUND


Meet our Founder
Jennifer Eddington

"Success doesn't happen overnight. But it's only the combination of dedication, consistency, quality, and strategy that is a proven path. You can't put a timeframe on success but anyone can get there "every time" by committing themselves to this magical combo. I've seen entrepreneurs make a lot of bad choices, lazy choices, and even unintentional yet negligent mistakes. I, myself, have done the same whether it was coddling a client; enabling them as they made bad choices, or devaluing my service and time by giving discounts or underpricing... The point is, I get it... Life is hard enough to manage, then adding a business, employees, customers/clients, vendors, and everything else that comes with it is A LOT. But it's a process- a growing process. We all have made various mistakes. And although "we know better" or "we knew better..." The good thing is that as we evolve so does our business... We are the power source for our business... That's where dedication and strategy come in... You can't fail if you remain dedicated; which means you go hard and you never give up! Strategy means you're planning and you're effectively and efficiently using ALL your resources."


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